Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan


Impacts of a pandemic

What is an epidemic?

What is an influenza?

Information about the A/H1N1-Virus

WHO-pandemic levels

Symptoms and danger of infection

Rules of behaviour

Pandemic emergency plan

Pandemic emergency plan

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Pandemic emergency plan

Content overview

General information on the effects of an epidemic or influenza pandemic on a business, institution and company Managerial emergency planning
objectives of an emergency planning
Phase 1 - phase of preparation
Phase 2 - phase of warning
Phase 3 - phase of implementation
Phase 4 - phase of diffusion of warning

Your benefits

Protection of employees, familiy members, clients, visitors an guests.
Minimization of personnel and economical damage of the business
Efficient crisis management during a potential epidemic or pandemic
Guarantee of the return to normal working conditions after an epidemic/pandemic or any other emergency as soon as possible.
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Alerting plans
Emergency management plans
Team setup/crisis management group
Emergency plans for employees
Function and technology charts
Emergency procurement plans
Function scheduling company physician
Vaccination schedule according to risk groups
Quarantine/emergency bed-distribution
Hygiene rules for staff, visitors, clients, family members
Info-Posters for staff, visitors, clients, family members etc.
Influenza pandemic hygiene plan A3
Companies, staff, canteen, transport.

Author: Olivia Ziriakus

officially appointed and attested expert
officially accredited Disinfectionist
specialist in grocery hygiene
Head of Hygenia Net GmbH, institute for professional hygiene management
Over 20 years of experience in the field of professional hygiene management in companies, community catering, retirement and nursing homes, canteen kitchen etc.
Executive of seminars of various trainings in company hygiene, staff hygiene and food hygiene, HACCP-concepts
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