Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan
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Not only up-to-date information but also a ready-to-use emergency plan to customize with your own data. (see excerpt)
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Impacts of a pandemic

What is an epidemic?

What is an influenza?

Information about the A/H1N1-Virus

WHO-pandemic levels

Symptoms and danger of infection

Rules of behaviour

Pandemic emergency plan

Pandemic emergency plan

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The Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan is available in 2 languages: English and German. Both packages contain 4 files (see below). If you need both languages you can choose the combination package. This package contains all 8 files.

Files in download package (ZIP-file) Englisch German

INP-Emergency-Plan-EN.pdf (blank print/read copy (Adobe Reader))
INP-Emergency-Plan-EN.xls (Microsoft Excel, needs Excel 2000 or newer)
INP-Emergency-Plan-EN.ods (OpenOffice Calc, needs OpenOffice 2 or newer)
INP-Emergency-Plan-Instructions-EN.pdf (Instructions (Adobe Reader))

INP-Notfallplan-DE.pdf (blank print/read copy (Adobe Reader))
INP-Notfallplan-DE.xls (Microsoft Excel file, needs Excel 2000 or newer)
INP-Notfallplan-DE.ods (OpenOffice Calc file, needs OpenOffice 2 or newer)
INP-Notfallplan-Anleitung-DE.pdf (Instructions (Adobe Reader))

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EUR 397.70
EUR 397.70

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