Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan


Impacts of a pandemic

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What is an influenza?

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Pandemic emergency plan

Pandemic emergency plan

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Health authorities still demand precautionary measures – be well prepared!!

although the WHO withdrew the pandemic level 6, experts are currently still calling on all companies, social services, clinics and hospitals as well as retirement-, nursing- and community homes to make object related preparations and precautions in case of facing an influenza pandemic - because the danger is not over yet. For that matter the preparations for an organized hygiene management should be defined in an emergency plan.

The WHO as well as the german Robert Koch Institute count with the next pandemic influenza due to the upcoming influenza season. Many companies could be unprepared. For most companies, who so far did not think about the Worst Case in this matter, the announced pandemic could appear at the worst moment. The world wide economic situation is noticable increasing. Therefore many companies are dependent on the full performance on the job of their employees. Faults in preventive crise management could end up in unforeseen consequences.

With the Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan your are prepared best - prevention is always better than aftercare!

Hygenia-Net GmbH - Institute for professional hygiene management can help you!

Our completed precautionary concept Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan is directly applicable for your company, clinic or home - simply add company data - ready!

E X C E R P T (13 pages)

Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan
Operation instructions, hygiene plans, forms and checklists are worked out in details and only need to be personalized with data for your company, clinic or home - everyone knows when what is to do and how to do it.

  • The internal emergency plan for your company:
    All documents (forms, checklists, procurement and hygiene plans) are filed as complete versions and can be adapted for any company!

  • Securely satisfy the health authorities' conditions
    protect your colleagues, clients, family, as well as visitors and guests.

Minimize the effects of a pandemic or any other emergency on your company, your colleagues, clients, visitors and the whole business. Prevent financial losses! 
Order today your Influenza Pandemic Emergency Plan on CD via the attached order form or directly in our online shop (immediate download)! 

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